Partners' Institution:
Colegiul National de Arta “Octav Bancila”
Project's period (from/to):
01 November 2017 - 31 October 2019
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
-Organizing the participation in the Kick off meeting;
-Making the Project Off Book environmentally working in school
-Setting up a plan to develop, monitor, disseminate the project;
-Setting a basis to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the project requirements and objectives
-Disseminate the project within school and in regional/national/international occasions using the Brochure in English /Romanian or other forms of presentation
-Monitoring the writing of the allotted chapter (3.1) by the CNAOB Iasi
-Sending Chapter 3.1 and the 5 TABS to the coordinator
-Revising the chapter and modify it according to the suggestions of the partners
-Reading the other chapters belonging to the partners.
-Preparing the Interim Report
-Preparing the participation in the 2nd TPM in Klaipeda 6-7 June 2018
-Change of coordinator and implementation team, due to the fact that teacher Achitenei Maria had retired from school.
- New team had developed a plan to implement and achieve the objectives and tasks of the project.
-Creating and developing I.O.2
- Uploading materials on youtube channel of the project.
- Involving 6 schools partners
- Involving 6 associated partners
- Creating dissemination events for project results
- Preparing and organised the 3th TPM in Iasi
- Preparing and carried out M.E. in Iasi/Romania on the 27 September 2019
- Preparing documents and taking part at the last TMP in Grosseto/Italy
- Finalising Uploading final reports.

Description of activities carried out:
-Taking part in the kick off meeting and implementing the project in school
-Analysis of the materials and activities to perform, tasks, objectives and results
-Planning the research for the Guidelines and monitoring the development of the work
-Carrying out the dissemination activities using the Brochure, providing some press statement, making the project visible in school and community: web site of CNAOB, presentation at the course RezultatE taking place at the Erasmus+ Romanian National Agency, articles on the magazine of the school Claritatea and county media as well as the Yahoo groups of the county teachers
-Preparing the materials and presentation in the 2nd TPM, in Klaipeda, LT
-Uploading the progress of the documents that monitor the progress of the project
- Contacting and searching for associated partners and school partners, achieving the goal propose in the project
- Sending documents to be field out, stamp and sign for associated partners and schools partners
- Creating and developing dissemination events
- Keeping periodic in contact with our local partner, EUROED school
- Creating the national videos together with EUROED school.
- Preparing and organising the M.E. in Iasi/Romania.
- Filing and preparing and all documents related to M.E. and sending them to the coordinator
- Taking part in the last TPM in Grosseto/Italy
- Completing all documents and tasks and reporting on the web-site

Results Achieved:
-Partners' agreement on OFF Book work plan and timetable setting
-Implementing the project activities;
-Disseminate the project on every level available
-Creation of dissemination reports
-Studying the theatre laboratory method and starting to implement its exercises
-Writing the final draft of Chapter 3.1 of the guidelines
-Writing the 5 TABS
-Disseminate the OFF BOOK portal and project so that it is beneficial for other schools, teachers and children with a risk of absenteeism or early school leavers
-Participating on the forum
-Preparing reports
- Creating, developing and finalising I.O.2 together with EUROED school, and uploading videos to youtube channel of the project
- Finding 6 schools partners, as seen on this web-site
- Finding 6 associated partners, as seen on this web-site
- Dissemination events
- Organising M.E. in Iasi/Romania
- Completing all task and activities.