Partners' Institution:
Colegiul National de Arta “Octav Bancila”
Project's period (from/to):
27 September 2019 - 27 September 2019
Activity concerned:
ME - Multiplier Events

Objectives of activities carried out:
-Participants Registration
- Presentations of partner institutions in the project - EuroEd Foundation and O. Băncilă National College, Iași
- Presentation of the Off-Book project
- Exemplify the activities carried out within the project
- Workshop - Applicability to the classroom of the project activities (TABS) exemplified in I.O.2
- Artistic moment with students from the O. Băncilă National College, Iași
- Discussions, debates regartig implementing the tabs to classroom

Description of activities carried out:
The target group of the event was compose from school teachers, school managers and policy makers from local and national level. We invite participants form schools from Iasi and also former partners from former national projects that school developed during its activity. The dinamic of the participants group include 53 school teachers, 1 school director and 3 school inspectors form 3 counties.
As activities, proposed for this event, the organiser's mixed a number of workshops and presentation on the thematic area of the project. In the first part of the event, the participants learn about the project IOs, the project activities and project philosophy and organisation and also about Erasmus + programme. The second part was reserved for the practical application of the project activities. In this part of the programme, the participants could see in practice the methods and didactical tools proposed by the IOs creators. Students and teachers from National Collage of Arts presented to the public each method and tool in a practical manner. During the workshop the participant could interact and see on point the efficiency of the project methods and tools . Each sequence off the workshops where integrated with a debriefing section for the participant students and also for the target group participants.

Results Achieved:
The philosophy of the event was to prepare participants (teachers from the target group) to apply and test the presented methods and methodology in their classrooms and on their students groups. The organisers created an real teaching network creating links in the local and national teaching community, during the follow up period communication channels were open in order to disseminate teachers successes and even failures in applying the presented methods. In evaluating the success of this event, we consider that the links and the teaching network creating during and in the follow up phase of the event, is the most important aspect of this project milestone.