Partners' Institution:
Klaipėda Puppet Theatre
Project's period (from/to):
03 November 2017 - 31 October 2019
Activity concerned:
IO2 - Video Tutorial to Tackle Early School Leaving Through Theatrical Laboratories

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main OFF-BOOK methodological approach is to encourage the building of a new interaction between teachers and students putting the focus on the dialogue among individuals and not on the traditional vertical teaching methods, thus breaking up the still typical logic of traditional School education and dynamics within the class communities based on the overwhelming impact of personal opinions and judgments by individuals on other individuals.

The specific objective of this Intellectual Output is to produce a video that should assume the form of a "diary" and encompasses all the experiences performed in the OFF-Book project and share the experiences of all users (students, teachers and professionals) from the organizational phase until the closing of the experience.

Description of activities carried out:
During the first meeting of the project the partners discussed the template of the video and planned the strategies to use the result of the project.
The aim of the national video is to show the effectiveness of the theatrical laboratories in order to support multicultural integration and to improve teacher-student relation.
The video must be clear and effective.
During the second meeting in Klaipeda, Lithuania Teatro Stabile di Grossseto introduced the template of the video to all the partners. The Italian partner also presented the strategies and the tools to be used in the creation of the video.
Klaipėda Puppet Theatre, in cooperation with Klaipėda University and Klaipėda Simon Dach progimnasium, contributed to the production of a calendar of activities in order to identify the roles, deadlines and responsibilities in order to produce the first part of the video.

- IO2.A Guidelines to implement the theatrical laboratories
The main aim of the laboratories is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the method illustrated in
the Guidelines with specific purposes: inclusion, improvement of the ability to listen, coding of new
educational approaches in european school and, of course, preventing early school leaving.
Formation of the target group.
Discussions about the collection of the various equipment needed.
Planning the meetings with the teachers.

- IO2.B – Guidelines to create the chapter’s contents
The main aims of the national video are to show the effectiveness of the theatrical labs to:
- improve teachers/students relationship
- support multicultural integration
- restore oxygen to the educational school system
Discussions with the participants about the equipment to be used - quality of video and audio recording.

- IO2.C - Guidelines to produce the video tutorials for the tabs
Klaipėda Puppet Theatre started preparing for the first draft of the video
Meeting with the teachers and discussions working on the production of the first draft of the video:
- Preparation of the experience
- Formation of the group
- Equipment needed
- Recording of the first part of the video
- Meeting with the teachers in order to plan the filming of the second draft of the first part of the video
- Recording the final version of the first part of the video
- Discussions and feedback on the first part of the national video
- Adjusting English subtitles
- Proofread version of the English subtitles for the first part of the video.

Results Achieved:
Successfully organised and held meeting with teachers. In those meetings we presented project “Off Book” and the Guideline. The partners analysed the template, planned the actions to be taken in the realization of the video. The meetings were filmed. The video footage was edited.
Organised and held first and further meetings with students. Students and teachers was interviewed, we analysed the methodology. The meetings were filmed. The video footage is edited.
Moreover, there was organized several training workshops with teachers, general public, students. They were held during festivals, summer camps and arranged meetings. More people get to know about project Off-Book existence.
Klaipėda Puppet theatre together with Simon Dach progimnasium and partner schools organised final event.
Partner schools get ready for the final national video filming and the last work with the students at their schools. An entire filming has been carried out successfully.
The national video was made.
Adjusting English subtitles.
Proofread version of the English subtitles.