Partners' Institution:
Teatro Stabile di Grosseto
Project's period (from/to):
05 November 2017 - 31 October 2019
Activity concerned:
IO1 - Guideline for Teachers on Performing Arts to Promote Integration at School

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main OFF-BOOK methodological approach is to encourage the building of a new interaction between teachers and students putting the focus on the dialogue among individuals and not on the traditional vertical teaching methods, thus breaking up the still typical logic of traditional School education and dynamics within the class communities based on the overwhelming impact of personal opinions and judgments by individuals on other individuals.

The specific objective of this Intellectual Output is to produce a Guideline for Teachers on the use of Performing Arts to promote integration at school providing school Teachers with a comprehensive picture on how to make an effective use of Performing Arts and Theatrical Laboratories with their students, in order to IMPACT on school communities needs by:
• Enhancing a new dialogue pattern among teachers and students
• Enhancing students' skills with special reference to soft skills
• Enhancing the dialogue among students with special concern to multicultural classes in order to combat prejudices and discrimination practices
• Combating ESL as a consequence of the shift in teachers/students relation from vertical to horizontal
• Contributing to teachers' curricula development with special reference to the role of facilitator in non formal education environments
• Improving schools' capacity of planning, managing, implementing and evaluating new educational paths with special reference to multiculturalism favouring civil coexistence

Description of activities carried out:
Teatro Stabile di Grosseto, in cooperation with University of Siena and Pixel, contributed to the development of the following templates:
- IO1.A – Table of contents [DOC]
- IO1.B – Guidelines to create the chapter’s contents [DOC]
- IO1.C - Laboratory Activity [DOC]
- IO1.C - Laboratory Activity Example 1 [DOC]
- IO1.C - Laboratory Activity Example 2 [DOC]
- IO1.C - Laboratory Activity Example 3 [DOC]

The templates have been presented and approved during the kick-off meeting.

Teatro Stabile di Grosseto also did:
- Bibliographic research on the topics of chapter 3 and 4
- Bibliographic research on Tabs
- Meetings amongst the Teatro Stabile team to discuss and outline chapter 3 - 4 and Tabs
- Reflecting on the outline of chapter 3 and 4 and tabs
- Brainstorming session of the Teatro Stabile team on the content of Chapter 3 chapter 4 and Tabs
- Writing of the 1st draft of chapter 3
- Writing of the 1st draft of chapter 4
- Writing of the 1st draft of n° 4 Tabs
- Feedback on on the chapters produced by the other partners
- Writing of the final version of chapter 3
- Writing of the final version of chapter 4
- Writing of the final version of n° 5 Tabs
- Implemented the content of Partners' chapter
- Continuously monitored and supported the work of the partners for the development of the intellectual output.
- Discuss the draft version of the guideline
- COntributed to the online discussion about the guideline
-Contributed to the final version of the guideline
-Contributed to the translation of the Guideline (Output1) in Italian
-Contributed to the dissemination of final Guideline version

Results Achieved:
1) The final version of the guideline is available online on the project portal
2) Guidelines are shared with stakeholders during the dissemination events
3) Guidelines are followed during the project's activities