Partners' Institution:
Klaipėda Simon Dach progimnasium
Project's period (from/to):
01 November 2017 - 31 October 2019
Activity concerned:
PM - Project Management

Objectives of activities carried out:
The project management is carried out throughout the project period and ensures the correct development of the project activities and the achievements of the expected results.
It is diveided into 4 main activities:
- Coordination of the activities
- Dissemination
- Exploitation
- Evaluation

Coordination of the activities
It includes:
• Planning of all the activities of the project for the 2 years project life
• Participation in and organisaiton of 4 transnational meetings of the steering committee
• Creation and update of the project website
• In progress reporting activities and delivery of yearly reports at progress and final stage
• Constant sharing of solutions and circulation of information through e-mails and skype meetings
• Check of the project state of art and of the respecting of the deadlines

In includes:
- Making the OFF-Book Portal accessible to the largest possible number of school teachers in secondary schools, students, school directors and policy makers in charge of education policy definition
- Sharing the OFF-Book Portal and the results of the OFF-Book project with the highest number of operators in the field of education
- Sharing the OFF-Book Portal and the results of the OFF-Book project with the highest number of citizens
- Spreading the OFF-Book activities and results on the most popular Social Network (Facebook and Twitter)

In the framework of this TA Pixel has to carry out the following activities:
- Creation of Facebook project page
- Creation of the forms to be used by the partnerships
- Contribution to the Project brochure in English, to be translated by partners in National languages
- Dissemination activities
- Creation of the dissemination reports
- Creation of the transnational dissemination report

It aims to promote the project sustainability. The actions to be carried out are:
• Promote the Portal through the exchange links with Portals addressing similar issues (e.g. Portals providing educational materials for teachers; portals on the theatrical topic, etc.)
• Promote the among public authorities and key policy makers in order to gain institutional consensus and promoting the insertion of project results in policies for Education.
• Involve new members as associated partners;

The aim of evaluation is to measure and ensure the quality of all the activities and of the project intellectual output. Both project partners and end users are involved and will have to fill in ad hoc questionnaires.

Description of activities carried out:
Simon Dach progymnasium has been organising the work at school, getting the students according to their personal needs. In addition to this, the meetings and seminars have been arranged to get more people involved in this project.

All the partner schools have been contacted and informed about upcoming second meeting, which will be held September 26th. All the schools have approved and signed participation documents needed.

The issue of associate partners has been carried out, various institutions and organizations have been informed and invited to join OFF-BOOK activities.

More pupils are being involved in the project, now Simon Dach has 80 students participating and helping with
OFF-BOOK dissemination at school and more.

The project promotional gifts have been ordered.

The practical usage of OFF-BOOK methodology has been developed in the partners‘ schools, as well as Simon Dach progymnasium. All the methods have been tested and students’ feedback has been collected.
New associated partners have been invited and informed about OFF-BOOK.
Theatrical lab has been filmed and presented in national Tabs.
The preparation, specified bellow, for the final project event has been started in the middle of February by having a meeting with the partner schools and Puppet Theatre representatives.
Steps taken: the plan was set, the search for location of the final event has been discussed, the order of project’s T-shirts has been processed.
Four associated members have been joined to this project;
All the methods have been tested and applied not only during the theatrical workshops but also during the lessons (Music, English, Chemistry, Math).
Meetings with associated partners have been planned and will be arranged on 18th of March. During that, students, working in this project, will introduce the activities and methods they prefer the most, will give their view and experience to teachers and students from other schools.

Four articles have been published in Simon Dach official and Facebook pages, as well as in the OFF-BOOK social platform.

The planning of the final filming and final student meetings have been carried out, the orders with the suppliers are in progress.

The final tea-time at partner-shools has been arranged, supplying with the tea and some fingerfood. The final meetings were fruitful, letting us know about the pupils' ideas and views about OFF-Book project.

The final event planing has been carried out properly, cooperating with the Puppet Theatre.

The associated partner has been accepted and the arangements for disemination events have been set. The project is being presented during the traditional Family event at school and during the meetings with other schools in Klaipeda.

The final documentation is being prepared for the last reports.

Results Achieved:
Three more schools got involved in OFF-BOOK project due to the organised seminars and informative meetings.

There are three associated partners involved in the project, future plans for organizing OFF-BOOK workshops at their institutions have been discussed.

During the second meeting, all the partners were informed about upcoming work and all the arrangements for this work have been made.

The theoretical methods from OFF-BOOK Teachers' Guide has been practiced and modified by the students.

The final event plan has been developed.

New associated partners have been informed and invited to join OFF-BOOK community.

The students tried out all the methods and formed their view about the Teachers' Guide.

More people will be informed about OFF-BOOK.

The partner schools, associated partners are informed about the future work and final results.
Suppliers are preparing the goods needed for the final event.

The final feedback is collected, as well as the final event with the students has been carried out.

The general public has learnt about OFF-BOOK, teachers of primary level got involved in the project. A new associated partner has accepted to hold the project‘s workshop on 10th of June.

The forms about the project activities carried out have been prepared.