Partners' Institution:
Colegiul National de Arta “Octav Bancila”
Project's period (from/to):
01 November 2017 - 30 April 2018
Activity concerned:
IO1 - Guideline for Teachers on Performing Arts to Promote Integration at School

Objectives of activities carried out:
The main objective of the activities to be be carried out is the creation of the IO1 in its first draft, improving this according to the suggestions and cooperation of the partners and producing the final version of it.
The main stages of this work development are:
IO1.1) Creation of templates needed for carrying out the activities
IO1.2) Proposal of the contents of the guideline for teachers
IO1.3) Development of the draft version of the chapter 3.1
IO1.4) Transnational Online Discussion
IO1.5) Development of the final version of the chapters
IO1.6) Preparation of the guide for the online version

Description of activities carried out:
The teachers involved in the development of the IO1 and the creation of the 3.1 chapter as a collaborative work with Klaipeda Puppet Theatre (Lithuania) (3.2) have planned their work and established to base it on: research in the books and internet resources on theatre in education, on the beginnings and the history of theatre laboratories on the one hand and good practice observation resources available as well as good practice observation during the theatre classes in school –the ones that proved to match the requirements and direction proposed by Teatro Grosseto in their theatre laboratory activities.
On the latter, our teachers developed 5 different activities (TABS) as practical examples for the teachers' guideline.

Results Achieved:
- Chapter 3.1 comprising 5 sub-chapters – draft and then final version, after adjusting the text to the suggestions of the partners;

-5 TABS ( Theatre laboratory activities) first draft and then final version according to the discussions on the Forum of the project.