Partners' Institution:
Klaipeda University
Project's period (from/to):
01 November 2017 - 31 October 2019
Activity concerned:
IO1 - Guideline for Teachers on Performing Arts to Promote Integration at School

Objectives of activities carried out:
Creation of the templates needed for carrying out the activities.
To submit the proposal of the contents of the guideline for teachers.
Develop the draft version of the chapters according to the table of contents.
To analyse the draft version of the chapters of the teachers guideline and give feedback related to the chapters produced by the other partners.
To outline the chapter 1 content
IO1 in Lithuanian.

Description of activities carried out:
Preparation / discussion on the templates of the content, guidelines the chapter's contents and theatrical laboratories proposal in cooperation with UniSiena.
Discussion on the table of content of the chapter with Siena University.
Bibliographic research on the topics of chapter 1.
Preparation the 1 chapter in cooperation with Siena University, paragraphs distribution between partners, transnational discussion according the literature review.
In the partner forum discussed on the separate chapters of the Teacher guidelines.
Reflecting on the outline of chapter 1.
Brainstorming session of the KU team on the content of chapter 1.
Writing of the 1st draft of chapter 1.
Feedback on on the chapters produced by the other partners.
Writing of the final version of chapter 1.
Lihuanian translation of IO1.

Results Achieved:
Created templates.
Table of contents.
Guidelines to create the chapter's contents.
Theatrical Laboratories Proposal.
Prepared template for table of contents of the 3 chapters.
In cooperation with Siena University developed the draft version of the 1 chapter of the teacher guidelines.
Transnational discussion on the chapters of the Teachers guideline.
Production of the 1st draft of chapter 1.
Final version of chapter 1.
Final version of IO1 in Lihuanian.